Tips for owners
  • Spend time choosing the breed, size and type of dog that suits your lifestyle. Don't be pushed into buying a puppy you have doubts about. Remember you are taking on a responsibility for the next 10 to 15 years.
  • Buy the puppy from the place where it was born. See it with it's mum and if possible it's sire.
  • Well socialized puppies are the best, make sure they are brought up in the house with the family you are buying them off. Make sure the house is clean and the puppies are clean and that they are happy to see you. Never buy a nervous puppy.
  • Always enquire how it has been fed. Reputable breeders should provide a diet sheet for you.
  • Never ever buy a puppy because you are sorry for it and never take on two puppies when you know one is going to be as much as you can deal with.
  • Don't let anyone else buy a puppy for you as a present.
  • Remember you cannot change your pet for a new or different model. You have it for the rest of it's life so be sure you can fulfill the commitment
  • Expect to be asked lots of questions by the breeder even if some of these are slightly intrusive. Remember a reputable breeder will want the right home for their puppies too.
  • When buying a puppy from us you will receive a photo of mum, dad and one of the whole litter, a soft toy smelling of it's mum and siblings, a detailed sheet of meal times, amounts of food given and details of it's health check at the vets and the worming program. Also you will receive 6 weeks free insurance. In other words you buy with confidence.