U.K. Foundation in Labradoodle Development

After being involved with the breeding of Labradoodles for many years I have become dedicated to moving the Labradoodle breed forward.

In Australia some breeders began to infuse breeds other than Labrador and Poodle into the bloodlines of Labradoodles. I have spent many years of research looking at other breeds that could be introduced, to improve the breed. This breeding requires very careful selection to ensure the result is still a sound temperament, good size and coat type. Another very important aspect is that it should not introduce any unwanted health problems. We have worked closely with our veterinary surgeons to ensure all aspect of health are monitored.

In 2002 we introduced a Spaniel into our bloodlines.

We feel that the resulting offspring have taken the U.K. Labradoodle forward.

The breed standard is set out below.

Breeders should aim to produce a dog with a compact frame and medium build. The stance should be square with a level back. The tail should not curl right over the back, but should follow the topline. The head should be of medium width with eyes which are set well apart. The muzzle should be short and the head should be in proportion to the body. The coat should be low to non shedding, and be either wavy or curly.

The temperament of Labradoodles is of great importance.

Labradoodles should be friendly sociable dogs that get on well with people and other pets. They are also very trainable and clever.

They make wonderful family pets, great companions and excel as assistance dogs.

The U.K. Foundation in Labradoodle Development will now give all of the infusion bred dogs the prefix UKF. See our U.K. Foundation gallery for pictures.